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A vintage engagement ring is a very special type of ring. Vintage engagement rings can be very small and classy or also very big and full.

There are many different styles of vintage engagement rings, made with different materials. First of all before you buy a vintage Ring you should take a few basic decisions. First point to consider is the material.

You can buy basically any type of vintage jewellery made of very expensive materials like white gold and diamonds for example, or less expensive ones made of silver and zirconia.

First decision to take is what type of material you want your vintage ring to be made of. Diamonds are of course very beautiful but also very expensive. If you decide to go for a diamond you will almost for sure know that it will be a very beautiful ring.

Diamonds never, ever disappoint so this is a pretty sure and “safe” decision to take. Beside this of course, there is also the meaning of this stone in relationship with love. Diamonds are the hardest stones in nature and usually when you buy a diamond it is, because it is a stone that lasts forever.

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The message when you buy a diamond ring is, that you buy a stone that is forever, like you want your love to be forever.

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There are also very beautiful and elegant vintage engagement rings made of silver and zirconia. In this days there are many revolutionary methods of working zirconia stones in order to make them shine exactly as beautiful as diamonds. There are many vintage engagement rings made of silver and zirconia, that look exactly as beautiful, as the ones that are made of white gold and diamonds.

The second decision that you should take is, if you want a more small and classic ring, or if you want a big and very sparkling ring. Here it comes a lot to the personality, of the person that you want to give the ring. A engagement ring has not only to suit the personality, but it really has to suit the soul of a person.

If the person, that you are buying the ring for is for example that type of woman that loves to get attention and loves glittery jewellery and big earrings, high heels and very fancy dresses, then it is probably a bigger and very sparkling ring you should look for.

In the other hand maybe you girlfriend could be a more shy person, that loves very classic dresses and hair styles, that never wears big jewellery, never wear heavy make up, then it is better, if you look for a more simple version of vintage engagement rings.

Your engagement ring is not only something that has to be beautiful, but it has to be perfect. The most beautiful of all types of rings that you can possibly by is a vintage engagement ring.

It is not only something very special but it is also something unique. And Vintage engagement ring is a object with history. It is an object that can speak to you. Vintage engagement rings are just the perfect objects to underline your first step forward to the big step.

Vintage has been such a big in fashion industry since the past ten years. Vintage dresses, vintage sunglasses, vintage furniture, but the best selling item ever are vintage engagement rings. Vintage rings have become so popular because they are special and different form the classic engagement ring.

It is strange to say, but this objects form the past seem to bring a bit colour to our present and our future. The third question that you have, to ask yourself is, if you would like to buy a genuine vintage ring. In this case we are speaking about original antique rings that can also have more then 100 years.

The good side about this choice is, that there will not be so many copies or if you are lucky also no copies at all of the item that you choose. So you have a big chance to buy a pretty much unique item.

The down side if this choice is that you have to be very careful with the wearability of the ring. The wearability is practically the life that the ring has left. As you know diamond are made of carbon and the slowly bur surely turn back into carbon.

This is the first factor that you should pay attention to. How pure it the diamond. Of course this rule is important for any diamond ring, but it is even more important if you buy a ring that has already had a long life. The second is the metal stress factor.

This is a more difficult factor to determine but in short word it is how much life the gold has left before it starts loosing it’s shine. This rule does not apply if you buy a platinum ring, because platinum has almost no metal stews, due to ti’s very low and almost non existent ability to oxidate. In this page you will find many different options for your choice. Different brands and materials. Find the right one for you!

You should imagine a vintage engagement ring like and object that has a should. It can very very romantic, like  a very nice Audrey Hepburn vintage ring. Or it can be very big and sparkling like Katie Holmes’ s engagement ring. Some vintage engagement rings have also a big history and have become very famous,  like for example the Elisabeth Taylor’s wedding number one engagement ring.

No matter what type of vintage engagement ring you are about to choose it will be a stunning item for a perfect day. Pure luxury and a strong personality, this are the two skills you should always look for, when you are about to choose such an important piece of jewellery!

With a vintage ring you make a very special buy, because you buy and object with style from the past, to bring a modern touch to your present. To buy a different ring and not the boring, always the same normal solitaire engagement ring. Something truly special, for a truly special moment.

The basic materials can be white gold , silver, or for the most precious and luxurious ones also platinum. Another very popular option for this type of jewelry is the set of rings made of wedding ring, usually a flat type ring with circular diamonds and then the matching engagement ring to it.

This is a very nice option, because like this you have wonderful wedding ring, always elegant and perfect for any time of the year, matching to evenings or days, to holidays and to you every day life and when you want to be stunning a sparkling you wear just the engagement ring together with it on the same finger. This is simply the most perfect of all matches. Vintage rings with a personality and with a past to tell us matching to a vintage wedding ring.

On this page we choose for you the best looking ones that we could find. Reviewed by our group of style experts and by jewelry experts we want to offer you only the best of the best.

In this page you will find the absolute perfect match for what you are counting to find. Of course we also took great care with our experts to find a the best products at the best prices for you. Quality and prices have always to have a very good relation one to the other.

The perfect match for you at the perfect price, this is what we offer you on this page. The best and most luxurious vintage rings for the best price.